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PNW Puget Lever

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PNW Puget Lever

The Puget lever kits are compatible with all of our droppers, including the Cascade, Pine, Rainier, Loam, and Coast. These levers are universal with all mechanically actuated droppers from other brands. 

This kit includes the lever assembly, cables, housing, and cable clamp bolt (1x)/barrel nut (2x).

What's the difference between the 1x and 2x Levers?

1x Lever - Our redesigned Puget 1x Lever, takes the place of our prior Puget 1x lever. With a weather-proof sealed cartridge bearing, enhanced ergonomics, and a textured paddle for enhanced grip, this budget-friendly lever looks and feels at home even on high-end builds. 
Designed to be used with bikes using a single front chainring, this is a "shifter style" lever. The lever comes with our standard 22.2mm clamp handlebar mount as well as two ports for adjustability.

2x Lever - Works on mountain bikes will all drivetrains, but is designed to play nice with front shifters. This lever also comes with our standard 22.2mm clamp handelbar mount and the two ports for adjustability. 

**MMX compatible**