The Clean Bike Co Degreaser 500ml

The Clean Bike Co Degreaser 500ml

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The Clean Bike Co Degreaser


Our biodegradable, water-based Drivetrain Degreaser is formulated to safely remove chain oil and grime, whilst remaining gentle enough that you aren't too worried about getting it where it shouldn't be (don’t worry, it’s safe around sealed bearings & disk brakes).

It can be sprayed on your chain rings, cranks, cassette, derailleur & jockey wheels directly using our foaming triggers provided or poured into a chain cleaning device for an even deeper clean! 


Recommended use

Our Drivetrain Degreaser has been designed with the intended use of being a regular maintenance product for your drivetrain. It has been formulated to safely remove chain oil & grime to prevent that black sticky gunk forming!




  • Biodegradable
  • Water-based
  • Removes chain lubricants & grime
  • Can be used as a foaming degreaser or in a chain cleaning device 
  • Non-Caustic
  • Re-usable bottle & trigger
  • Safe on brake surfaces 


How to use

  1. Give the bottle a good shake
  2. Rinse your drivetrain down with a light spray to remove any loose dirt that may be stuck
  3. Apply the degreaser all over your drivetrain using the foaming trigger provided. You can use also pour some into a chain cleaning device at this stage if you choose
  4. Allow the degreaser to soak in for a minute, then agitate with a stiff brush to remove any oil and grime that may be present (especially around the chain ring and jockey wheels)
  5. Proceed to rinse off thoroughly using a light spray - ensuring all degreaser has been removed from your drivetrain & braking surfaces
  6. Dry your chain, apply some lube and you’re set for your next ride