The Clean Bike Co Cleaner 1Litre

The Clean Bike Co Cleaner 1Litre

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The Clean Bike Co Cleaner


Our biodegradable, water-based Bike Cleaner gently softens and lifts dirt from your paintwork. It can be used on every component of your bike without worry, including brakes and carbon fibre.

It is specifically formulated to have a longer dwell time, meaning it stays soaking in to the dirt for longer periods without completely running off and wasting precious amounts of cleaner. This, paired with our foaming triggers can tackle any job at hand safely and easily!


Recommended use 

Our Bike Cleaner has been designed to safely soften and loosen any dirt on your bike. It can be used on summer dust to that sloppy stuff we all know and love!


Bike Cleaner



  • Biodegradable
  • Water-based
  • Formulated for a longer dwell time
  • Safe on all surfaces including brakes, carbon fibre, seals, anodising & frame protection
  • Re-usable bottle & trigger

How to use

  1. Give the bottle a good shake
  2. Gently hose off all the loose dirt built up on your bike
  3. Simply apply our Bike Cleaner all over your bike
  4. Allow the product to dwell for a couple of minutes, allowing the dirt to break down and soften up
  5. If required, agitate the dirt with a soft brush, or wash mitt (we prefer a wash mitt to minimise scratches)
  6. Rinse of using a light spray, ensuring all remaining cleaner has been rinsed away from braking surfaces
  7. Dry your bike - This will reduce the chances of water spots forming or rust developing, your bike will thank you later